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David Macdonald On Softonic since January 2010

David Macdonald
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"Excellent media player, but not perfect yet"

  • 9.0
  • 9.0
  • usability7
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  • Installation7
  • Functionality8
  • Appearance4

This is an excellent media player, without failing to open any video type I can throw at it. Playback is excellent & smooth. Even better, it has many options to enhance the video display.

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks. The GUI is a hit-or-miss in terms of design . It's very hard to getting used to. It's clean, but renders many options hard to reach. The equalizer is deeply hidden & automatically disappears after a few seconds. The audio option is lacking, crashes when closing the player after playing a video and also nothing can be done to stop the looping playback (due to the auto-create hidden playlist).

Finally, low CPU & memory optimization is up to you to decide, whether you believe or not what the developers claim.

  • Many video enhancement options; hardware acceleration support; smooth playback; support all known audio & video formats
  • Confusing & clunky interface; lack options for audio; occasional crashes during closing; looping playback can't be configured.

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18 Jan 2010

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  1. Excellent free multi-format media player